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Born And Raised Outdoors
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Now Available! "Uncommon Ground" DVD

Bowhunting Elk, It's More than the Hunt, It's the Adventure!      
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Born And Raised Outdoors and Extreme Elk Magazine have teamed up to bring public land, DIY elk hunting to the Sportsman Channel in July!

"Uncommon Ground - Bulls Off the Beaten Path" Beginning in July, Uncommon Ground will air on the Sportsman Channel on Saturday evenings (5PM EST)

Elk hunting is filled with highs and lows, and our goal is to share the emotions of elk hunting in a way real elk hunters are able to relate to. From the misses and near misses, to the magical flight of the arrow hitting its mark and success becoming reality, we capture the moment as it happens - no re-enactments, no staged shots - just raw emotion! Join us as we take public land, DIY elk hunting and TV to the next level!

Watch the trailer for Uncommon Ground TV today at

Born And Raised Outdoors is an all archery Elk video production company formed to share our goal of portraying the reality of public land, DIY Elk hunting. Branded by the camaraderie and the love of Elk hunting, we place more importance on providing for our families with the gift of meat over the size of antlers. We invite you to join us as we take you on an adventure you won't want to miss. 

Along the way, we share the emotional events that all elk hunters relate to but rarely see on TV. Keeping it real sums up what we believe in. We are timber fallers, plumbers, dentists, conservationist, boat builders and ultimately, elk hunters. Grinding out our daily lives, jobs, chores and families consume us as we strive to scratch an existence from today’s unrelenting economy.