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March 17, 2017
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  1. Littlejohn eldridge says:

    Guys I have been so hooked to have what you men really have. I have started looking for a group of guys that would want to start then have that close pack of brotherhood that you men possessed in all your shows. I can say I have watched them all. Every time I am in awe b/c you make it easy to watch I know you men have lives out side of hunting but lord would I like to get with you guys to learn from. I have two favorite shows elk in the rock and the tuffest spike. I would like to know how you guys started off together and see how it all began also maybe show how camp is picked out and set up. Also how you keep the meat from spoiling? Great show keep it up

  2. Just discovered you guys. My early bowhunting Christian inspiration was Larry and Steve Jones. Big thrill for me was attending one of their seminars in Florence. Love their “Elk Fever” and their Idaho hunts. Primos boys are also great witness for God and His glory but I can’t relate to big dollar private hunts. Have really enjoyed Elk Nut and his son…teaching videos, energy and witness. Really improved my understanding and results of bringing them in. You guys have that genuine closeness of longtime “being and doing” together as men made to glorify God …enjoying the deep passions for God, creation and sacrificing for each other and for your love of hunting. What all of your teams have that a solo and self-taught Hunter not raised in hunting doesn’t have is the “confident push for closure” once the elk suddenly materializes from out of nowhere!! Lol!!! If the Lord should ever bring it to mind, pray that His Spirit would calm my mind, narrow my focus and fill me with determination to keep moving toward the animal until God finally and graciously and sovereignly puts him in front of me. Would love to buy your dvd of the day by day Colorado hunt, the Wyoming hunt and a compilation of some coastal hunts ….if you ever make DVDs of those experiences. I have hunted a roadless area in Colorado (unit 18) three or four times. Incredible experiences getting close and being almost run over once myself. Never closed the deal but wouldn’t give up those mountain top times with God for anything. What an incomprehensible love He has that makes a creation and a man to fill each other to overflowing with wonder and awe and joys beyond words. gh